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The Influencers already know the trick for AMAZING HAIR with a radiant appearance. This is the way they have expressed their opinions on social networks:

Moda Just Coco

“Flipping with the Iroha Nature mask!! It is a super intensive mask that repairs damaged and frizzy hair. It has a double layer that makes the effect even more intense … within 15 minutes you can see the effect! ”

Views by Laura

“Bringing my new white / blond color hair makes require products that moisturize and nurture in an INTENSIVE way without needing to leave them for hours. With @irohanature I discovered the “mask cap” an innovative format that in about 20 min produces a sauna effect and favours the penetration of its active ingredients FREE OF PARABENS, NATURAL AND NOT TESTED IN ANIMALS.”

Rosa Frambuesa

“This is the answer to all those times that you told me that you love how my hair looks. The mask cap of @irohanature is the best invention after Google. I’m using it once a week and I’d almost put it on more often, but they say it’s enough. I put it on for 15 minutes and it acts as a sauna effect that helps to absorb all the nutrients. I promise to show you the process when I put it on again !!!! “

Trends and Fashion

“Today at home I’ve finally tested the sauna repair mask by @irohanature. I told you in my #stories it is a cap easy to place, you take it for 15 minutes at home and then when you clarify you will hallucinate with your hair tips. I plan to use it every week. It has left my hair spectacular. I am very happy to be an #IrohaAmbassador and be able to test their products like this mask. “

Fit Happy Sisters

“Dedicate time to yourself. With the way of life we ​​lead, it is easy enough to prioritize others first and our day-to-day obligations. We come to think that we do not have time for ourselves. Sometimes a “feeling of guilt” may even appear when one dedicates some time to oneself. But sometimes we also need time for ourselves, to pamper ourselves, to give ourselves a massage, even things like painting our nails or putting on a mask like this.

We have tested for the first time the hair mask that @irohanature sent us with all natural ingredients, without parabens, and also this brand does not test on animals. Results? maximum hydration in just 15 minutes thanks to its sauna effect, the hair is really soft and shiny. Do you use a mask?”

Tutti Márquez

“Family! You already know that I am a super fan of @irohanature products, so you have to try their new super moisturizing hair masks, they leave my hair hyper soft! ”

Priscilla Hern

“You tell me how fast my hair has grown and my only secret is the mask that I use from @irohanature that keep my hair healthy and hydrated despite using a lot of discoloration.”

And you, have you tested it?

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