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Maskné: a problem of 2020

It is a consequence of the protective mask rubbing against the skin and increased sweating, but it can be prevented

Mask is a skin problemthat will arise in the year 2020, which we are experiencing, as a result of the continued use of protective masks to prevent COVID-19.

According to the experts, the mask produces a blockage that generates an increase in temperature in the area of the nose and mouth. Increased sweating in a poorly ventilated space becomes the ideal setting for the proliferation of bacteria, especially those that cause acne, and if the friction factor is added, the negative effects on the skin are visible.

Some people have started to see small red pimples on the chin and cheekbone area and in general a worse appearance of the skin due to lack of perspiration and friction of the mask with the face.

The daily use of hygienic, surgical or cloth masks to protect us cannot be avoided, but more attention can be paid to skin care and routines can be encouraged to avoid these situations.

1. Cleanse and moisturise your skin morning and evening every day.

Cleaning your skin every day, morning and evening, with micellar water or a specific soap for the face and moisturising afterwards is a basic requirement to avoid suffering from maskne. It is also recommended to clean the area in contact with the mask as soon as it is removed.

As a complement to this daily cleaning, you can give extra care with these products on a weekly basis:

Peel off Detox Facial Mask

The Detox Peel-off Mask will help remove impurities from the skin and minimise the appearance of large pores. You’ll get clean, smooth skin free of blackheads.


Detox facial tissue mask

The biodegradable Detox and Moisturizing Tissue Mask detoxifies the skin, reinforces hydration, absorbs impurities and refreshes, thanks to the combination of the detoxifying power of vegetable carbon and the moisturizing power of hyaluronic acid.

Its clean formula, with 97% of certified ingredients of natural origin, is perfect for normal, mixed and oily skin: Purifying Active Carbon, Hyaluronic Acid, Betine, Allantoin, Natural Moisturizing Factor (NHF) components and natural antioxidant extracts. Biodegradable tissue. Allergen-free and 100% vegan.


2. Try not to wear make-up so as not to block your pores

Make-up combined with the use of the mask increases the chances of clogging the pores, increasing the oiliness of the skin.

3. Choose a soft, natural and breathable mask material.

One of the most recommended is cotton, because it causes less skin irritation. The important thing is to avoid synthetic materials, which have pigments or dyes because they increase the chances of irritation in the face.

4. Take breaks from the mask whenever you can

Maintaining good ventilation of the area to allow the skin to breathe is important. But you can only do this in safe places and outdoors. The most important thing is to protect yourself against Covid-19.

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Maskné: a problem of 2020

It is a consequence of the protective mask rubbing against the skin and increased sweating, but it can be prevented

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