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Irritation, lack of brightness or redness: combat the effects of wearing a mask every day

Este accesorio obligatorio para protegernos contra el Covid-19 requiere que nos cuidemos más la piel

Confinement is changing our routines, from how we work to how we dress. A few days ago, the mandatory use of masks was confirmed and they are becoming the complement of the summer. Although their use is more than widespread in regions like Asia, in Europe they are a novelty and are already causing problems on the skin due to some of the effects of having to wear them for long periods of time.

Despite the need to wear a mask and the fact that protection against the virus is always a priority, it is true and has been observed that their use has clear effects on the skin. Especially for those who have more sensitive skin, causing irritation, redness and dehydration. This is why it is important to give extra hydration to the skin, which is not only altered by the use of a mask, but also begins to come out of confinement and the winter months and needs good pre-summer care.

Iroha Nature’s moisturizing tissue and foil facial masks are a must to get the skin ready and above all to recover it after a day without letting it breathe. The comfort of their use and the immediate effect they produce are ideal to apply after a good cleaning.

Moisturizing masks

Lack of moisture and consequent irritation is one of the main effects of the protective mask on the skin. As it remains covered, the skin cannot breathe normally and air accumulates in the area, causing a feeling of dampness. In addition, if the mask is properly fitted to the face it may leave marks in the nose and cheek areas. In this case the best face masksto treat the skin are:

Aloe Vera moisturizing facial mask.

This tissue-type face mask helps to soothe and moisturize the skin. With an immediate effect, it brings softness to the skin and calms redness that may cause irritation. Its high content of nourishing active ingredients helps to improve the skin’s natural moisture.

Hemp Facial Mask.

This is a nourishing facial mask that also helps to relax the skin. Ideal for dry skin, it provides extra nutrition, soothing and repairing the skin. Its main ingredient is HEMP seed oil, with which an intensive skin repair is achieved.

Regenerating Argan oil facial mask.

This face and neck mask is perfect for restoring the skin’s protective barrier and nourishing it. With Argan oil as the main ingredient, it deeply moisturizes and helps fight the signs of aging. This essential oil is known as desert liquid gold and has become one of the star ingredients of anti-aging cosmetics.

Illuminating face masks

Another consequence of prolonged mask use is loss of brightness, a problem that is aggravated by weeks of confinementwithout the possibility of too much sunlight. To combat this and prepare the skin for the expected summer, the best masks for the face are:

Hydra-illuminating foil mask.

With a sauna effect, perfect for restoring luminosity to dull skin, as well as moisturizing it in depth. In foil technology, this mask enhances the effect of the serum and helps to eliminate the first signs of aging with hyaluronic acid.

Vitamin C Illuminating Face Mask.

Recommended for dull skin, it provides hydration and luminosity, unifying the tone. This tissue-type mask contains a concentrated dose of vitamin C that achieves a flash effect in just 15 minutes. The boost that the most punished skins need to welcome the summer.


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