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Let’s face it. Some women do not take care of their hands as much as they should. Others, take the slightest opportunity to pamper them. We have learned that they say a lot about us, we love having them moisturized and even showing a perfect manicure. In addition, we have targeted the trend of multiple rings in each hand. We have plenty of reasons to wish perfect hands. What is true is that we should all take note of these beauty tips that will improve the image of this part of the body that we show all the time and every day of the year.

1. Hydrate your hands

Each time you wash them, when you finish, put moisturizing cream on. This will prevent them from drying out. It is a habit that is worth acquiring. Take a tube of cream in your bag and have another one in your workspace.

Once a week, reserve 15 minutes to pamper them as they deserve. Did you know that there are moisturizing hand masks? We offer you a product that you will love, in all your treatment options: Iroha Nature mask gloves. You have them of peach or argan, to repair your skin when it is somewhat dry, but also of pearl, with antiage properties. You can try them all. You will be surprised by the result.

2. Do not cut your nails

Scissors and nail clippers make the nails brittle. Unless they are too long, use a file to lower and shape.

3. Do not cut the cuticle

The cuticle serves to keep the nails healthy and, if you cut it, you will remove that layer of protection. It is best to soak your hands in warm water and then push the cuticle with an orange stick.

4. Apply base enamel before colour

As the nails are porous, they can absorb the colour of the enamel, so it is important that you apply a base layer before. Then, when you have painted them, apply a layer of transparent protector. Your nails will last longer painted.

5. Protect them

Your hands also need sunscreen. Remember that UV rays can actually be harmful to the skin of your entire body.

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