Face masks

FIRMING FACE&NECK Sheet Mask - Pearl

In just 15 minutes you can prevent flaccidity by improving the firmness and hydration of your skin. Brightens and improves the tone in dull or spotty skins. The innovative 100% cotton fabric will give you a pleasant feeling of comfort and rapid absorption of the active ingredients.
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Creamy Face Mask - Chocolate - SENSUAL DAY

Hydrates intensely, unifies the skin tone and softens the texture. Come join chocotherapy! Provides a dose of energy and antioxidants with a fantastic smell of chocolate in order to get a hydrated and elastic skin. Shea butter acts as a protective layer to help retain hydration on your skin.
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Creamy Face Mask - Honey - MAGIC DAY

Provides intense nutrition and brings elasticity to the skin. Feel firmer and more elastic skin. What is Jojoba oil? Its concentrated base of ceramide and vitamin E make it a great active to hydrate the skin and restructure the oil balance. Its honey based composition will provide extra hydration as well as a fantastic scent.