Charcoal DETOX Sheet Mask


The charcoal tissue mask helps detoxify and purify your skin while refreshes and conforts, leaving the skin cleaner, softer and brighter, just in 15 minutes. Join the charcoal revolution!

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5 Reviews

Una de mis favoritas (One of my favorite )
Detox style products I love. This carbon mask has been great!

original: Los productos estilo Detox me encantan. Esta mascarilla de carbón me ha ido genial!

Efectiva (Effective )
You notice the effects. Easy and convenient to use.

original: Se nota los efectos. Fácil y cómodo de utilizar.

Calidad precio (Quality price )
I think they are great, for me, I value the price totally. I recommend them!

original: Me parecen geniales, para mí calidad precio totalmente . Os las recomiendo!!!

Es mi preferida de la gama Detox (It's my favorite of the Detox range )
I love it because it's not as cumbersome as the cream ones. The effect is immediate and it shows a lot the next morning.

original: Me encanta porque no es tan engorrosa como las de formato crema. El efecto es inmediato y se nota mucho a la mañana siguiente.

!00% Worth it
I am a sucker for sheet masks and charcoal masks, so when I was sent this product to try I couldn't wait! It left my skin feeling so clean and blemish free! I would definitely recommend! I am a beauty blogger and recently included this item in a post, I will leave a link below if you fancy giving it a ready to find out my full opinions of this mask and some others I have recently tried out! :)


Intensive Tissue Mask:


CHARCOAL: detox and cleanser.

GREENTEA: antioxidant, anti-age and minimizes enlarged pores.  

GRAPE: antioxidant and firming.  

HYALURONIC ACID: intensive moisturizing power with a "flash" effect.  


1. Unfold the mask.

2. Place it over clean face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

3. Remove the mask and provide a gentle massage until the final absorption of the serum.

No need to rinse. 

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