ANTI-AGE FACE & NECK Sheet Mask - Collagen


The collagen face and neck mask helps to prevent the negative effects of age. Feel the skin moisturized, with more elasticity, soft and illuminated. Innovative 100% cotton sheet FACE AND NECK mask for a pleasant and comfortable sensation and a rapid absoption of the active ingredients. 

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5 Reviews

Genial! (Cool! )
It's the first time I'm wearing a neck mask, and I'm delighted with the result

original: Es la primera vez que uso una mascarilla para cuello, y estoy encantada con el resultado

Muy buena elección (Very good choice )
It's the first time I've tried a neck mask, I never thought about it before. It is a part of our body that we often forget to take care of and this is the perfect mask to take it into account.

original: Es la primera vez que pruebo una mascarilla para cuello, nunca e lo había planteado. Es una parte de nuestro cuerpo que a menudo se nos olvida cuidar y esta es la mascarilla perfecta para tenerlo en cuenta.

Mi favorita (My favorite )
In addition to having the neck mask, collagen is great for the skin, favoring elasticity.

original: Además de por tener la mascarilla para el cuello, el colágeno es genial para la piel favoreciendo la elasticidad.

Increíble! (Amazing! )
The irohanature masks are the best! I will buy it again! My skin has been resplendent and firmer. Is incredible!

original: Las mascarillas irohanature son las mejores! Volveré a comprarla! Mi piel ha quedado resplandeciente y más firme. Es increíble!

Mi favorita (My favorite )
This is, without a doubt, my favorite mask! I love that it's face and neck. Carry a generous amount of serum and, as soon as you use it, you may notice a much softer skin.

original: Esta es, sin duda, mi mascarilla favorita! Me encanta que sea cara y cuello. Lleva una cantidad generosa de sérum y, en cuanto la usas ya puedes notar la piel mucho más suave.

100% cotton face & neck mask - Collagen - ANTI-AGE


COLLAGEN: Anti-age and firming effect.

ADENOSINE: Anti-age and anti-wrinkles properties.

HYALURONIC ACID: Intensive moisturizing power with a "flash" effect.



Hyaluronic Acid


1. Unfold the mask.

2. Put on and leave it for 15-20 minutes.

3. Remove the mask.

4. Massage the rest of the serum.

No need to rinse.


Iroha Nature cotton tissue masks for face and neck are designed for the most demanding customers. With cotton tissue, it becomes an ideal mask for sensitive skin.

Perfect adaptation: Second skin effect.

Intensive treatment: flash effect in just 15 minutes.

Formulas in serum with a concentrated base of hyaluronic acid.

30 ml
of concentrated serum
in each mask

15 min
Professional results at home

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