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Dictionary of Cosmetics II

All the terms you need to know

We bring you a new chapter of our cosmetic dictionary so that you don’t miss a thing and know the terms that will lead you to better understand what ingredients and products you put on your face and body.

Peel off. The trick of a peel-off mask is in its application: the product layer must be thick and uniform, that is, the thickness must be the same all over the face. … It has a gel texture, fresh and fresh, and serves to remove impurities and toxins from the skin of the face, immediate effect.

Oily skin. It has a clear tendency to blackheads, acne and pimples, and they get dirty very easily. But they are more tolerant to external agents and age later.

Normal skin. Its characteristics are not frequent, they occur mainly in childhood. It is often confused with mixed skin, as it is partly dry and partly oily, but this is a mistake, because normal skin is neither oily nor dry. It is soft to the touch and very bright to the eye. It lacks scales and impurities. It has no wrinkles.

Mixed skin. The mixed skin usually presents both alterations, dry and oily, plus some normal areas, distributed unevenly. Although it is normal for people to have more fat in the lower limits of the nose, the outer area of the ears and the upper part of the forehead, in people with mixed skin these differences are more noticeable and they can have quite a lot of fat on the chin and nose, while around the eyes and lips, they are usually dry. The local treatment is complicated because it is difficult to separate the face by pieces to apply in each place the appropriate cream.

Dry skin. It is caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, which do not produce enough fluids to lubricate the skin and protect against water loss. It can also be the result of excessively dry environmental conditions (heating or air conditioning). Another, much less common, cause is a lack of sufficient fat in the diet.

Retinol. Retinol is an active vitamin A derivative that is naturally present in the skin. If we think about its main benefits, we know that it stimulates cell renewal at the base of the epidermis and prevents new cells from aging too quickly.

SPF. Sun Protection Factor, a distinctive acronym for sun protection products, which indicates the time an individual can remain exposed to the sun’s rays without getting burned.

Foil Technology. FOIL technology (aluminium) present in some masks enhances the effect of the serum inside.

Tissue. The single-dose masks are developed with non-woven tissue, which is also respectful of the dermis and adapts perfectly to the face thanks to its anatomical format. Each mask is pre-impregnated in 23 ml of concentrated serum with natural extracts (the equivalent of a whole bottle).

When applied to the face, the tissue acts as a perfect conductor, since in contact with the skin it allows the pore to expand, facilitating greater penetration of the active ingredients into the dermis. In addition, it retains the serum and prevents it from evaporating, dosificándolo constantly for 15 minutes. In this way, the skin will absorb all the serum it needs until it is completely hydrated.

Vitamin B5 or panthenoic acid. Its beauty properties include its ability to hydrate the skin and the softness it provides. It helps to prevent wrinkles and aging, also allowing the rapid healing of wounds or burns.

Vitamin C. It has highly beneficial effects for our skin. We have already told you about the various theories of aging. In aging by oxidation, free radicals are bent on “oxidizing” our cells, well, this vitamin has a very high antioxidant power.

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