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Dictionary of Cosmetics I

All the terms you need to know

Before choosing the right cosmetics for your skin, it is advisable to learn some basic concepts to understand what benefits each ingredient, technology or product can bring you.

Cannabis seed oil. Cannabis seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. Hemp seed oil is considered the most nutritious of all the oils available. It has a wide variety of medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic uses, making it a wonderful multi-purpose ingredient.

Ampoule. The facial treatment ampoule is an intensive treatment that provides instant luminosity and hydration. But what is the reason for this well-known flash effect? Ampoules contain 50% more concentration of their active ingredients compared to 15% which is what serums or other treatments usually contain.

Argan. Argan oil is an oil obtained by pressing the ripe seeds of the argan tree berry. Argan oil is used in gastronomy and cosmetics as well as in hair care.

Glycolic acid. From the family of alpha-hydroxy acids, it comes mainly from sugar cane. Depending on its concentration, it can be used in cosmetics or in dermatology. It helps to reduce or break up the thick outer horny layer of the skin, where dead cells accumulate in excess. It also helps in the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which results in the improvement of skin texture.

Hyaluronic acid. A substance that forms a protective film on the skin that prevents dehydration. It protects against atmospheric agents, hydrates, softens and fills in wrinkles on the face.

Acne. Obstruction of the sebaceous glands with their own oil, which often causes them to become inflamed. It is usually of hormonal origin and is due to sebaceous hypersecretion.

AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) Fruit acids or alpha-hydroxy acids, known as AHA’s, are one of the latest discoveries in cosmetics. They have numerous properties: they serve as an exfoliant, reduce sebum, refine pores and have a repairing and anti-aging action. The most used are salicylic, citric, lactic, glycolic, tartaric and malic acids.

Aloe vera. It is a semi-tropical plant that grows in hot areas and is known worldwide for its healing properties. In cosmetics it serves as a moisturizing, nourishing and healing agent (especially of injuries).

Coenzyme Q10. Q10 activates numerous metabolic processes, thus optimizing the regenerative capacity and efficiency of the cells. In addition, it acts against cell-damaging oxidative stress, which induces the production of free radicals.

Collagen. Natural substance of vegetal origin that guarantees the flexibility and tonicity of the skin, since it acts as precursor of the native collagen metabolizable by the skin. This protein is also obtained synthetically and is used as a moisturizing factor in many industrial cosmetics. Vegetable or synthetic collagen cannot replace human collagen, but its energizing effect momentarily reduces wrinkles.

Detox. It is a cleansing or detoxification plan for the skin. This is achieved by using cosmetics that eliminate impurities, residues and toxins.

Exfoliation. This is done with creams or gels that contain small detoxifying particles, which eliminate dead cells and impurities, refining the pores of the skin. It is an additional and obligatory step, at least once a week, of the cleaning routine, because both its formulation and the massages with which the product is made to work stimulate cellular regeneration.

Moisturizing. It is the process through which the skin can retain water, and in addition, capture doses delivered in moisturizing products.

Impurities. They come mainly from makeup, environmental dirt and organic dirt (sweat and sebum).

Cleaning. Cleaning. Face and neck should be cleaned daily because dirt clogs the pores preventing the skin from breathing and keeping it naturally moisturized; many contaminants help the formation of free radicals that cause premature aging of tissues;in a dirty face, nutritive and moisturizing treatments lose up to 50% of their effectiveness.

Facial mask. Facial masks are a cosmetic product used to easily complement the daily beauty ritual. For the benefits to be really effective, it is necessary to look for the one that best suits each type of skin and that contains the necessary active ingredients that help to improve the facial dermis.

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